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An Irish Lullaby

Author: Leta Nolan Childers
Genre: Romance
Reviewed by Elizabeth K. Burton

53There are lots of ways to introduce yourself to a handsome Irish college professor but dumping a cup of scalding coffee on his clean white shirt probably isn't one of them. Unfortunately, that's exactly how Maeve Steward met Sean O'Flynn in the student union.

Sean was instantly attracted to the tiny, blushing redhead with the deep brown eyes, and he thought he could ease her embarassment by stripping off the damaged shirt and jokingly demanding that she launder it. His flamboyance, however, only made Maeve feel more humiliated, and her own attraction to Sean only made matters worse.

Yet despite its inauspicious beginning, the relationship between Sean and Maeve begins to develop despite their best efforts. For both of them harbor a dark, secret guilt that has driven them to avoid closeness with others, and the inexorable pull of their mutual attraction goes against everything they have come to believe about themselves. Inevitably, they must make a choice between life as they thought they would always live it and each other.

Leta Nolan Childers is well-known for just this kind of easy-reading romance that challenges while it entertains. Relying on her own Irish legacy for this latest story of two people whose self-imposed loneliness shatters under the weight of an emotion stronger than guilt and shame, she has created characters whose misguided stubbornness ring true from start to finish. The story is well-plotted, focusing on the two protagonists without adding a lot of outside subthreads that would only in trude, while the savage storms that drive Sean and Maeve to their final confrontation are almost characters in themselves.

An Irish Lullaby is pure entertainment, yet with a quiet lesson that love and truth are the best weapons against self-delusion and loneliness. Enjoy it.


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